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Dynamic Neighborhoods

There is One Knoxville that has dynamic neighborhoods, each with its own unique personality and sense of community. Amy Midis understands and values the commitment of neighborhood organizations to unify residents and address local concerns. Our city is only as strong as its neighborhoods and it is essential for a vibrant city to be proactive in preserving its history while protecting neighborhoods. As your city council representative, Amy Midis is committed to represent your neighborhood’s interests to City administration.

Healthy Communities with Smart, Economic Opportunities

There is just One Knoxville that is healthy and economically strong, where all residents will have access to affordable housing options, excellent education, numerous employment opportunities, alternative forms of transportation, parks and greenspace, fresh food, and quality healthcare. Amy Midis feels all Knoxville residents are entitled to these basic tenets of a healthy community, however providing these services will require strong, economic development. She will work with business leaders to ensure barriers to development are limited and City administration creates an environment conducive for strong, economic growth.

Protection of Greenspace

There is One Knoxville whose unique landscapes have made it a popular destination for world-wide visitors to our city. The hills, ridgetops, and waterways are unique to Knoxville and must be protected to preserve its natural beauty. There are few undeveloped lots in Knoxville, and, due to the limited supply, the demand for development of these properties is growing. Amy Midis will work to ensure that development of these lots will not affect neighboring properties.

Improving Roadway Access

There is just One Knoxville, where increasing alternative transportation options will allow for a more active, connected, and sustainable community. Amy Midis believes there are endless benefits to the community for providing access to additional transportation options. Knoxville has made significant strides in its sustainability effort, but the most significant need is to expand the construction of sidewalks, greenways, and bike lanes.  She will advocate for Knoxville to adopt and enforce a City-wide sidewalk plan allowing for a fair, equitable way to allocate available resources to the most needed sidewalk projects. While adding bike lanes to existing roadways is expensive, Amy Midis will advocate for creative measures to allow financially feasible options for the growing demand of bike lanes.

Responsive, City-Wide Representation

There is only One Knoxville, not a North, East, South, or West Knoxville. Amy Midis believes all residents, regardless of neighborhood or location in Knoxville, should receive the same, actively-engaged, committed response from city council representatives. Regardless of the issue, she will always be available to help resolve residents’ concerns. Amy Midis is dedicated to finding agreeable solutions or working through compromises for all parties.